April 27th, 2002


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У Антарктиды есть свой домен в И-нете: .aq
Серверов в этом домене найти не удалось; вероятно, таковых не существует. Южнейший из известных нам сервер находится на Сандвичевых о-вах: http://www.antarctica.gs/

Palestinians in Disguise Kill Four Jewish Settlers in the West Bank


Natan Greenberg, 14, was shot and wounded in his bed downstairs, and his mother, Katya, was killed in her bed upstairs. Lying beside her, her husband, Vladimir, was badly wounded.

Their mattress was crimson with their blood this afternoon. Across from the bed, two yellow birds sat silently in their cages, near a medallion of Lenin. A large picture that covered one wall showed a maple tree shedding yellowed leaves in autumn, standing in a field near open water. The scene looked nothing like the view beyond the Greenberg's doorstep, over blooming rose bushes toward orchards of olive trees climbing the dry hills.

Outside, a 36-year-old neighbor of the Greenbergs, who declined to give his name, bridled when asked if the Greenbergs were originally Russians. "Originally Jews," he said.