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Вести с родины Железного Капитанa

Students use former headteacher's skeleton in biology

Students in a Romanian village are learning anatomy from the skeleton of the school's former principal.

Alecu Constantin agreed to donate his body for educational use when he died in the 1950s.

His skeleton is kept in a glass box and is said to be in good shape after being used to help teach generations of students.

Biology teacher Mariana Lazar, told the Evenimentul Zilei newspaper it isn't known exactly how old the skeleton is.

The school in Puchenii Mosneni, is known as one of the poorest in Prahova county.

11:05 Friday 21st September 2001

и еще вот такое

Dog eats baby thrown away by mother

Police have arrested a 16-year-old Romanian girl who allegedly threw away her new-born baby.

A man later found his dog eating the child's remains, according to reports.

The teenager is said to have given birth in a garden, severed the umbilical cord with her hands and thrown the infant away.

The Evenimentul Zilei daily paper says the incident took place in Izvoul Mare in Constanta county.

09:12 Wednesday 19th September 2001

Дело графа Дракулы живетъ и побеждаетъ.
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