вястик (vyastik) wrote,

Да, смерть!

    Long live death!

    Liberals, reactionnairies and other full time losers have often scoffed at the NR "greeting" Long Live Death! With this in mind I thought I'd approach someone who knows a bit about Legionary history - as Long Live Death! originated there, later to be embraced by the Falange and certain sections of the Spanish Army during the Spanish Civil War. So, here we go:

    The death theme is obviously the main one in everyone's life. The Legion, from its foundation and still today, always considered death in the purely Christian way: the supreme self-sacrifice. The Legionary understanding of death is "giving your life for the Cause and for your Comrades" and not the killing of someone else - as our enemies think of death. The clear example of the Legionary example is shown by the hundreds of thousands of Legionaries who died facing the enemy. In Legionary ritual, in official orders, political manifestoes or in poetry, we can see the Legionary concept of death:

    "I swear in front of God, In front of your [Mota & Marin's] sacred sacrifice for Christ and for The Legion... at any moment, to stand ready to die, I swear!" - exert from the Mota-Marin Oath.

    "The death, just the Legionary death,/ Is our most beloved wedding of all weddings" - exert of The Legionary Youth Anthem, by Radu Gyr.

    "The permanent self-sacrifice, serving the Nation; the elite idea is strongly linked to the sacrifice idea, the poverty idea, the severe living idea; where the self-sacrifice stops, there stops the Legionary elite." - exert of the Legionary Grades Oath, by Corneliu Codreanu.

    Finally, Ion Mota - first after Codreanu in the Legion and Martyr - wrote in his Political Will: "I loved Christ and I happily went to die for Him!"

    Let the liberals and morons take note! "Long Live Death!" is not the advocacy of genocide. It is the fraternal salute, the greeting which acknowledges that Revolutionary Nationalists are prepared to sacrifice all in service of their noble cause, unlike the career politicians and corrupt bureaucrats of the political parties whose only interest is flattery and finance. It has been cried over battlefields, pronounced in jails and daubed on walls throughout Europe. Long may it continue to do so!
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